RETTS-Online is a new product from Predicare.

RETTS-Online is an exact copy of the RETTS version which is available in paper format and which is updated annually.

RETTS-Online is applicable both for emergency departments and within the ambulance service. RETTSĀ© and RETTS-OnlineĀ© is a registered trademark and RETTS-Online decision support is protected by copyright law (CDPA 1988). Users of RETTS are therefore limited by the rules referred to in the Trade Marks Act (TMA 1994) and the copyright law.

For permission to use RETTS-Online, you need a license and log-in that is common to your organization (see below). There should be one or two people in your organization who are so-called super-users and who are responsible for your dealings with Predicare. When you have logged in, you may both use RETTS-Online on the web as well as print the RETTS system on paper. You yourself decide which method to use.

RETTS-Online works best with Internet Explorer 9 or later, or updated versions of Firefox and Chrome (after 2011).

How do I get a license and log-in?

Your organization may order log-in and access to RETTS and RETTS-Online via the Predicare website Username and password will be sent to you shortly, thereafter the license will be valid for the year which the update applies (this year the whole of 2015 including January 2016).

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